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How to set up your Instagram account in 4 steps

Our profile description (or Instagram Bio) is the first thing a potential follower sees. That is why it is important to keep his attention with an optimized profile.

The tips that we will share with you in this article will help you shape your Instagram profile in 4 steps and more effectively attract your target audience.

Profile picture: Make sure your profile picture gives a clear idea of your account. Use only a logo for a business profile, and if you are developing a personal brand - a clean portrait photo.

A tip from us: don't change your profile picture often. People recognize you by it, and you don't want to confuse them.

Profile Title: Your profile title may appear in Instagram's keyword search engine. This means you can write more than just a name! Add your business or the services you offer! This will make you easier to find.

Profile description + Call to Action: Structure the text in your profile description for easy reading and position the most important information first. You have to introduce yourself in literally 10 seconds. Finish with a relevant call to action that leads to your website!

A tip from us: for better readability, separate the highlights in the profile description with appropriate emoticons to serve as bullets.

Link in profile description: Instagram allows us only one active link to a webpage. Use this field carefully! Invite your followers to learn more about your business or offer a limited offer!

Your Instagram bio is the key to your target audience, and an effective layout of your Instagram profile is essential to solidify your brand identity on the platform.

This is where the role of digital agencies comes in to facilitate the process of optimizing business profiles in accordance with customer needs.

Do you want to turn Instagram users into your followers and your followers into your customers? We will help you!



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