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7 tips for a successful TikTok profile

In 2023, you'll be saying to yourself, "I should have started TikTok a year ago!"

TikTok is the most popular social network and it is definitely not by chance. But what is the formula for a successful TikTok business profile?

In the following lines, we have collected 7 top tips that will help you grow your profile and reach a new audience. From choosing the right niche to capturing and publishing content. We've gathered tips from TikTok marketing professionals that will help you attract attention to your business.

1. Be quick in the trends

If you have logged into Tik Tok at least once, you must have noticed that the platform is completely trending. Some of them appear out of the blue, and others are the result of real-life events. The formula for a successful Tik Tok is the speed with which you join the trends.

The good thing about trends is that shooting videos is not that time-consuming. The concept is already ready and you just have to join the trend by adapting it to your niche. And the ideas come one after the other in the FYP or Home Page.

Users search for content through trending hashtags, so you'll quickly reach a new audience. Don't forget to adapt the training to your business and the goals you want to achieve.

2. Choose a niche

TikTok has long been more than just dancing videos and cute animals. There is a niche for all businesses on the platform, and this is proven by viral profiles sharing content on cleaning, DIY and other content categories.

If you consistently share content dedicated to your niche, sooner or later it will reach the right audience. In this way, you will be able to build a loyal audience that will follow you even outside the application.

Put yourself in your customers' shoes and think about what content would be useful to them. If they are young parents, share tips that will make their lives easier. If you're reaching out to beauty enthusiasts, share morning and night routine tricks with them and give them more information on how to use your products.

3. Immerse yourself in the TikTok culture

If you are considering incorporating TikTok into your marketing strategy, we advise you to take the time to immerse yourself in the application. Pay attention to which profiles go viral and why the audience is actually interested in them.

The best way to indulge in TikTok? Just scroll through the For You and Discover pages. Analyze trends and music. We guarantee that in a few weeks you will develop a sense of what content will be suitable for TikTok and will bring you success.

4. Tell a story

As with any social network, the key to success is storytelling. Regardless of the context of the content, your video and text should tell a story that your audience can identify with and engage with.

Imagine your dream client watching your video without sound? What text will you add to it to engage it?

Adding text to your video is a perfect way to engage everyone scrolling through TikTok without sound.

5. Be authentic

Authenticity is a word that is often bandied about on social media. But for TikTok, authenticity is more important than aesthetics, unlike Instagram.

Don't be afraid to be yourself on TikTok and have fun. When your brand is true to itself and shares content that is authentic, breaking into new platforms won't be as stressful, on the contrary. It will be easy and enjoyable.

6. Don't give up

Yes, posting dozens of videos without much success at first can be frustrating. But don't give up!

Successful profiles invest hundreds of hours on TikTok until they develop their profile.

Take the time to analyze which of your videos are successful, which sounds are successful and what time to post.

7. Have fun

Don't obsess over the views and likes of your content. Have fun shooting and editing, and your TikTok success won't be long in coming!

If this article was interesting to you and you want to develop your business profiles on social networks, do not hesitate to contact us for a consultation.



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